What should I do if the computer keyboard fails? How can I solve the problem with the computer keyboard?


A lot of computer novice friends will ask me how my keyboard is out of order?

The numeric keys on the keyboard cannot be pressed, or some keyboard keys are out of order.

After these common computer keyboard failures, the system is here to introduce you to the system, so that you can find out the reasons for the keyboard failure and the solution.

There are many kinds of keyboard key failures. Here are some common keyboard key failures and solutions.

a: numeric keypad on the keyboard failure

This is the lowest level error will often make many novice friends, usually large desktop keyboard, causing the keyboard numeric keypad (0123456789 Most of the reasons for the button failure are that you have turned off the numeric keypad. You can see if the Numlock button is turned on. There is a numeric keypad light on it. Pressing the light above the Numlock button turns on the numeric keypad.

There are some notebook novice friends who often ask why the letter keys on the right side of my laptop keyboard are indeed numbers rather than letters, very tangled!

In fact, this is because the combination of the notebook number keys and the letter keys, when the numeric keypad is turned on, some of the right letter keys are arranged into numeric keys, mainly because the notebook keyboard is relatively small, the manufacturer sets the smart switch. Features. The solution is as follows:

If only the keypad is locked, then press and hold the fn+Numlk key at the same time to switch, and vice versa. There is also a bit of novice friends who often don't know what's wrong. The letters are all capitalized. This is because the uppercase key function is enabled. To cancel, just press the “Caps Lock" button to switch normally.

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