Qq2012 chat record in which folder, how to completely delete


QQ chat believe that every online friend will not be unfamiliar, today the system Daquan share a question about how to delete the QQ chat record, in fact, I did not expect friends to ask This problem, deleting the QQ chat record is actually quite a simple computer configuration, below we briefly introduce several ways to delete the QQ chat record for everyone.

Because many friends' computers are not used by one person, QQ may be hung at the same time. After chatting for QQ, we don't want to save QQ chat records. Everyone can delete QQ chat records. Lost, has ensured that their privacy is safe, there are actually a lot of methods to delete QQ chat records. Here are a few simple ways to teach you how to use them. I hope everyone can use them.

Delete QQ chat record method one: delete QQ chat record folder

We know that chat record folder is to be saved on our computer hard disk, we only need to know which chat record is saved on the computer The folder can be deleted, the corresponding folder is deleted, the record is naturally emptied, first you need to know the path of your QQ program, for example, your QQ number is 123456789, and for example, your QQ path is: C disk ___Program Files___Tencent___qq, then, open it according to this path, find the folder named with your QQ number, delete it.

However, this deletion method will even send pictures sent by you and your friends. Deleted together. Under normal circumstances, this method is not needed, and it is easy for novice friends to accidentally delete the QQ file, which causes the QQ number of Yang Mi to be wrong after opening QQ? .

Delete QQ chat record method 2: Use the QQ software operation to clear the chat record function

After we log in to QQ, find the QQ you want to delete, click to enter the chat state, as shown below:

QQ friends chat box - delete QQ chats step

as shown above, click on the drop-down box click on the message recorded message manager, will come to the QQ chat records management page, as follows:

Message Manager - How to delete QQ chat record steps

How to delete now, on the far left, click on the QQ number of the friend, then right click and select delete Chat history, you can come out the following options, you can delete today's, or all of the chat records according to personal circumstances, the text prompts are very clear, here is more than introduced.

Another way we after landing QQ, to find QQ friends you want to remove, click into the chat state, as shown below:

QQ friends chat box - delete QQ chat step

as shown above, there is recorded after clicking on the message in the text chat prompt right computer configuration, as follows:

QQ friend chat box [page]

us Just right-click on the chat text on the right side to see the option to delete the chat history. Select Delete to delete one or more sentences at a time, and all of them are OK. You can check it out.

In fact, delete the QQ chat is so simple, there are many methods, the article looks do not look long, but the actual operation was quickly done, it will not delete the QQ chat friends rush to Give it a try!

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