What if the printer cannot print? How to solve it?


For the average user, because there are not many places where the printer is used, when there is a printer problem, I don't know how to get started. The most common problem is that the printer cannot print the file.

The following system Daquan introduces to you the reasons and solutions for the printer can not print.

In fact, there are many reasons why the printer can't print. First of all, we encounter that the printer can't print from simple to complex.

First of all, you must exclude some of the simplest problems, such as whether the printer is installed properly. For those who don't understand how to install the printer, please read: How to install the printer.

In addition, if there are ink cartridges and printing papers in the printer, these basic problems must be eliminated. There is also a check to see if the printer power is turned on.

If the above printer settings are not done, the printer will not print properly.

Solution Printer does not print the

Cause and solution
printer can not print

One: The printer driver is not installed (that is not properly installed printer)

To achieve printing, the printer must be installed properly. Generally, the printer has a driver CD. We can select the corresponding model to install.

But many friends like to download drivers on the Internet. This situation may result in the installation of a driver that is not the same model, resulting in the printer not being able to print.

The solution is to use the printer driver that comes with the CD.

Second: The printer is not powered on or the printer is not online.

A lot of times the editor found that some office users can't print files when using the printer, because the printer power is not turned on, or maybe If you accidentally touch the printer related setting button and switch to the non-online state, the natural printer cannot print in these two low-level error cases.

Workaround: Check if the printer's power indicator and online status light are on. If the power indicator is off, please check if the printer is properly connected to AC, and whether the power switch on the printer is turned on; Br>

If the online status indicator is defective, you can press the button corresponding to the online indicator to switch to online mode.

3: Poor contact or damage to the printer data cable

If you simply exclude the above two methods, you still can't print. Please check if the printer's data cable is connected properly. Damage, etc.

Workaround: Check the data cable connection between the printer and the computer host to check if the data cable is damaged.

Four: The main printer is not set as the default printer

There is no way to set the printer as the default printer and it is impossible to print. The main problem is that multiple printers are used in one computer. For example, common shared print settings, such as the application of the computer to print the printer is installed on the machine, but we set the shared printer as the default printer, which will cause the program can not find the corresponding printer, naturally It can't be printed, and this situation is more likely to happen.

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