Add translation function to the browser.

Nowadays, there are usually a lot of English on the webpage. Even if your English level is high, you may occasionally encounter words you don't know. At this time, if the browser has translation function, it will give Browsing the web brings a lot of convenience. In fact, such an idea is not difficult to achieve, as long as the following methods can achieve the goal.

Step 1: Decompress ViewIP to the hard disk, and then install it into the system according to different browsers:

1.IE browser

Unzip the archive to any directory and run setup.bat. If successful, the prompt "DllRegisterServer succeeded" will pop up, and then re-open IE.

2.The World/Maxthon Browser

Unzip the zip file into the “Plugin” folder in the World/Maxthon browser installation directory, then restart The World/Maxthon. .

3.TT Browser

Unzip the archive to the Plugins folder in the TT installation directory, and then restart TT.

Step 2: Open and run the "Config.exe" program in the ViewIP package, select the "Translation" tab in the window that opens, and then set which search engine to select the word to search for (also Follow its default settings directly).

Step 3: When browsing the webpage, if you encounter a word you don't know or want to translate the Chinese phrase into English, just do this:

When translating English, press directly When the Ctrl key is pressed and the mouse is moved to the word, the translation result window will pop up directly (as shown in the figure). To translate the Chinese phrase into English, you need to select the Chinese phrase first, then press the Ctrl key. You can translate by placing the mouse cursor over the phrase.

Using this browser plug-in, we can add translations to IE, Maxthon, The World, TT browsers that use the IE kernel. In addition, the plug-in can also help us get the pages. Information such as the IP address and geographic location of the link.

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