Introduction to methods to improve WinRAR compression efficiency

For most people, WinRAR is the preferred compression software. When doing file compression, it is fine if it is a small file. However, if the file to be compressed is relatively large, I believe everyone will be a bit overwhelmed. So, is there any way to increase the compression speed of WinRAR? The answer is yes, the specific method of operation is as follows. Right click on the file you want to compress, select “Add to Compressed File”, open “compress file name and parameter”set, set the "compression mode" to "standard". Click the "Compress" button in the “Advanced" tab to open the “Advanced Compression Parameters” setting. Select a larger value for the dictionary size in the “General Compression” Click the "Configure" button in the "General" tab; select “Save current setting as new configuration", select “default configuration> in “config name" and check &ldquo ; set the configuration to the default value & rdquo;, click “ OK & rdquo; save settings. In the above settings, we set the compression ratio to standard and increase the size of the dictionary, so that we can use more memory space to compress and decompress files, which is much faster.
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