Win7 system how to clean up Windows temporary files to ease the pressure of C disk space


Method Steps:

1. Create D:UserDataTEMP directory on D drive;

2. Right click on “My Computer"""Properties" System Settings & rdquo; "" Advanced& rdquo; "Open the "Environment Variables" dialog box, change the user variables and system variables to D: UserDataTEMP;

3, in the root directory of the C drive, create a new A text document with two lines of code written:



Save as *.bat format (eg CleanTEMP. Bat);

4, open the group policy (run gpedit.msc), then open & ldquo; computer configuration - Windows settings - script (start /shutdown) & rdquo;;

5, then casually Open “Start” or “Shutdown”, the effect is the same, one is to empty Temp when logging in, one is to clear when shutting down, here I choose “ Shutdown & rdquo;. Click “Add” Import the *.bat file you just made, click “OK” and set it to complete. After the shutdown, it will automatically clean the temporary files generated by the user.

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