Iphone5 paint problem, what should I do? How to deal with it?


Apple products have always been popular with users around the world for their superb technology and superb workmanship and quality. Of course, even the best products will be flawed & lsquo; Nokia & rsquo; mobile phone is good! There are also quite a few flaws.

After the iPhone5 was launched, there have been reports from the media that iPhoen5 has been lacquered. Many netizens feel puzzled. Is such a good product of iphone5 falling off?

The following system will be aimed at the hot topic of the recent ‘iphone5 will fall off paint & rsquo;, for you to summarize all kinds of iPhone5 paint off the picture, of course, there are pictures of the truth.

iPhone5 will paint chips is that true?

First of all, you can clearly tell us that the phenomenon of the recent lacquering of the iPhone5 is real, especially in the black body of the iPhone5, and the white version is not obvious because of the online appearance. Although the white body iPhone5 also has paint fading, it is rare, but it is still not spared. Let's take a look at the truth picture together.

iPhone5 paint chips truth summary
iPhone5 off paint pictures truth pictures Summary

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