Ie9 Chinese version official download, talk about the top ten highlights of IE9 browser


Microsoft IE9 browser officially released, it can be said that IE9 compared to the first 8 generations of IE browser, a bit reborn feeling, the following system Daquan for everyone to introduce the top ten highlights of IE9, which is more regrettable is that IE9 does not support The xp system only supports the current Win7 and Vista operating systems. Microsoft ie9 browser Chinese version official download

Highlight 1: The interface is extremely refreshing and simple!

Before deciding to develop the IE9 browser, Microsoft had surveyed more than one billion Windows customers and wanted to know what their browsers should look like.

The results of the survey made Microsoft stunned: "nearly many people care about what browsers —— they are more concerned about the website", Microsoft finally realized that —— the original browser god horse All are floating clouds, users really care about the content on the Internet.......

Therefore, the IE9 browser is very simple and refreshing. In terms of installation, IE9 strives to be simple and straightforward.

After double-clicking the installation file, the whole operation can be completed with just one button. The intermediate process does not require user participation, and it becomes a one-click installation in the true sense.

IE9 browser interface simple and refreshing

highlight two: New web fixed-function!

Some friends said that the "page fixed" function is the decisive factor in the use of IE9. This feature is a good example of the compatibility advantage between Microsoft's own products —— we only need to use Left mouse button click on the web link (or tab), drag and drop to the task bar at the bottom of the screen, you will find a new icon on the taskbar, and automatically display the logo of the site.

The next time we need to open this website, just click on this icon.

IE9 web fixed function

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