Beijing time calibration? Beijing time calibration method summary!


surfing in the spare time online surfing, going to work and going to school is inevitable to pay attention to whether it is coming soon, many friends have high requirements on computer time accuracy, sometimes we need to The computer performs time calibration, but manual calibration is always inaccurate and convenient.

In fact, there is a simpler and more convenient way to calibrate the computer in Beijing. The following system will share with you several practical & lsquo; Beijing time calibration methods & rsquo;.

Beijing time calibration method 1: Beijing time online calibration

Login to install the Beijing time calibration plug-in, then run to synchronize local time with Beijing Time calibration.

Online GMT calibration method

Beijing time Calibration Method Two: Use the online Beijing calibration software for synchronizing calibration

At present the Internet can find a lot of calibration Beijing, in fact, a little Similar to the plug-in principle in Method 1, but some of the software downloaded by the online editors contain a lot of software programs in it.

So it is not recommended to use software calibration, interested friends can Baidu search related There are a lot of software, but you need to judge which software is trustworthy.

Beijing Time Calibration Method 3: Use Jinshan Guardian's “Time Protection Assistant” to calibrate Beijing time

Jinshan Guardian has undergone a lot of optimization recently, “Golden Box” in Jinshan Guardian Software<quo; The time protection assistant in the middle has the function of online synchronization to update Beijing time.

The method is as follows:

Your computer needs to install Jinshan Guardian software. If it is not installed, you can download and install it. Official website:

① first, open the Jinshan guard, click on the top of the & ldquo; Treasure & rdquo; icon, find the bottom row of the & ldquo; & rdquo ;, time protection assistant in the following figure: method

into the Jinshan guard time protection Assistant

2 Enter “Jinshan Time Protection Assistant” After the interface as shown below, we click on the “Synchronize Now button” to complete the local computer time and Beijing time calibration.
Jinshan Time Protection Assistant Successful Beijing Time Calibration

Jinshan Guardian's Time Protection Assistant used the synchronization server used in Beijing time calibration from the National Internet Time Service Center to ensure the authority of Beijing time proofreading. We can also perform time calibration in other regional time zones in “Change Time Zone 

The above three methods are the most commonly used Beijing time calibration methods, but the use of Jinshan Guardian's time protection assistant for Beijing time calibration is the safest and powerful, and is more suitable for novice friends to recommend.< Br>

With the above three methods, we can easily solve the problem of inaccurate computer time.

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