Use the cool music box to make ringtones


Cool music box not only can listen to music but also has a ringtone editing function, you can edit your favorite ringtones. With its own ringtone editor, you can quickly build your own perfect ringtone. The function is very powerful and convenient, and it can be counted as a good ringtone editor. Cool my music box 2013 official version of the official free version of the latest download download address: So how to use the cool music box to edit the production of their own ringtones? The following system will be detailed and detailed steps will be shared with everyone.


Begin to open the cool music box first, then open one of the music casually, right click inside and there will be a music tool option. Select the ringtone inside, this is all the ringtone editors used.

The system will automatically pop up an attached cool ringtone editing tool window, there are various editing tools, and then use this ringtone editor to edit the unique ringtone < Br>

The first step is to add a song, which is the blue song of the ringtone. After clicking the add song, select the ringtone you want to edit in the pop-up option window. Press OK.

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