What is the file format of fdf? How to open the .fdf file?


The fdf file is a file format similar to the pdf format, which can be opened with Adobe, but now it has fewer file formats, and the pdf format is commonly used.

What is fdf file?

The xfdf file, as an aid to pdf, is one of the Adobe series files. Commonly used *.pdf is the format of an e-book, which can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. XFDF is also a branch of pdf, which can also be opened with a program that opens pdf.


fdf file open?

The fdf file is opened in the same way as the pdf file, so the software that can open the pdf file can also open fdf. Generally, the most commonly used files such as Adobe Reader and Foxit pdf reader can open the file in fdf format. . If you encounter a file in this format in the future, you don't have to worry about no software to open.

In summary, you can open the pdf format can be opened fdf, open manner or with a lot of it!

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