Thunder download speed is slow, what is the reason, Thunder download speed is slow solution


Thunder is currently the most used download software by the majority of users. Due to the multi-resource hyper-threading technology used by Thunder, the download speed of Thunder is as fast as “Thunder”, and Thunder also supports the download of BT and eDonkey resources, so deep I am loved by netizens, but some friends have responded that the speed of downloading Thunder has been going up all the time. What is the cause? Thunder download is slow, Thunder download speed is slow, please see the solution in this article.

1. Modify the number of system TCP connections: For security reasons, Windows 7 limits the number of TCP connections to a maximum of 10, but it affects the download speed and has a greater impact on BT downloads. Thunder comes with "XP system optimization tool" (in the Thunder "tools" menu), can only be used for win XP system, it is recommended to go online to download win7 tcp connection number modification tool, the number of connections is modified to 256 Restart the computer after the above.

2. Do not install Thunder in the system partition: the system partition is the Windows operating system "old nest"; every time you perform a task, you must scan this partition. The default installation of Thunder is the system partition. It can be installed to other partitions during installation. It can avoid affecting system stability and improving the execution speed of Thunder at a certain level. As above, the default download directory is also not specified in the system partition.

3. Optimize the configuration of Thunder parameters: In the Thunder configuration item, the disk cache is not too large, too large will take up more physical memory, it will also affect the system execution speed, it is recommended that the user setting below 512M memory is low At 4096K. The thread should also be fully open.

4. Do not open too many tasks, preferably less than 3 simultaneous tasks.

5. Close “ Download the virus detection option >; Kaspersky's real-time monitoring is sufficient for the downloaded and downloaded files. Under normal circumstances, the movie is without a virus, most of the viruses are rar, exe format files, it is recommended that experienced users can close "download the virus detection option". This option only drags down the system during multi-file downloads, and other anti-virus users can turn it off.

6. Limit upload speed: Unlimited upload speed will greatly reduce your download speed. If your Thunder download speed is unstable, you can check "Why is my Thunder speed unstable?" After testing, the download speed is limited to 250K/S when the upload speed is 1KB/S, and it is reduced to 80~100K/S without limitation. It is recommended to limit the upload speed to 1~5KB/S.

7. Stop BT upload: After the BT download is completed, the 5.6 beta version will continue to upload for at least 30 minutes. Currently, the user can only manually pause the upload after the BT task is completed. For users with a high upload speed, pausing the upload will increase the download speed of other tasks.

8. Timely use "pause”-“start” button: Sometimes, the task searches for more than 100 resources, but the speed is reduced. At this time, you can pause the task first. Start again, let the server re-search for resources, and the speed is obviously rising. This method is 95% effective.

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