How to solve the "freeze" of the Win10 first anniversary update?

Many PC users may experience freezing or freezing screen problems after upgrading to the Win10 first anniversary update system, whether it is Win10 annual update or preview version. The mouse movement operation does not respond, the notification does not disappear after popping up, and the screen or task is started. The bar may also turn black.

Foreign media said that there is no universal solution yet, but it is certain that this is not a specific hardware manufacturer problem, such as a graphics card or processor. Some users may have HDD mechanical hard disk or SSD solid state hard disk. Encountered a Windows10 system freeze issue.
So how do you try to solve the problem of freezing after Win10 boot? There are three ways:
• Clean the registry
• Move the application back to the system disk
• Install/Upgrade the latest Intel fast storage technology driver
In addition, if there is a Win10 user entering the system, the notification center notices that the screen freezes after the pop-up, but the mouse can still move to the taskbar to operate, you can select "Windows Resource Management" in the task manager. "," restart to eliminate the freeze.

About Win10's first anniversary update system part of the freezing problem, but also Microsoft investigation can be completely resolved.

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