How to deal with the driver exception after Win10 system update?


Device driver error is a common fault in the Win10 system. If the user is updated by the Win10 system device manager or automatically updated, the device will be abnormal. The specific behavior is: mouse jump, repeatedly hear the peripheral connection. The sound of the computer, or the state that is not available after the connection.

Operation steps:

1. Return to the traditional desktop location of the win10 system. After that, press the win+X shortcut on the win10 computer keyboard to open the shortcut menu of the computer. In the shortcut menu, click Select Device Manager.

2, open the Device Manager window, find themselves just fine over more drivers in the left menu, here to USB2.0 drive, for example, found later, right click, Select the Attributes option in the Swipe menu.

3, in the Properties window that opens, the screen switches to the driver in this column, then click on the & ldquo; go back to the driver & rdquo; button on it, if the system pop-up window asking, Let's just click it.

Win10 driver updates can make better-compatible peripherals, but if it is compatible with the degree of the drive system is not enough, we can rollback, restore the last drive configuration.

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