How to open Win10 service Which services can Win10 be closed?


When optimizing the Win10 system, we need to enter the service to close some functions that are not used, thus reducing CPU and memory usage and improving system fluency. So how does the Win10 service open? Which services can be closed? The following small series will talk about some small knowledge of Win10 service optimization.

How to open Win10 service? There are 2 ways, the following is a brief introduction.

Method 1: Command Method

First use the Windows + R combination shortcut to open the "Run" window, then type services.msc and press Enter to open the service. ”.

Method 2: Shortcut Method

Click the right mouse button on the Win10 desktop <;this computer” icon, and then click &ldquo in the pop-up context menu. "Management", open the computer management, click on the "Services and Applications" under the left side, you can see the service, as shown.

The article concludes with a brief introduction of which Win10 services can be closed. In short, some of the unused feature services can be disabled, and better system resources are released. Computer service items have a certain understanding, and some system core services cannot be closed.

Bluetooth Handsfree Service: Users without Bluetooth can turn off

Fax: Send and receive faxes using available fax resources on your computer or network

Workstation: Create and maintain to remote Service client network connection if the service stops

Ssdp Discovery: Starting the upnp device on the home network automatically discovers that there are not many devices with upnp

Smart Card: Manage the computer to read the smart card Access is basically not used, users who do not have UPS installed can disable

Print Spooler: load files into memory for later printing, if not installed, you can disable the service

Application LayerGateway Service: Provides support for third-party protocol plug-ins for Internet Connection Sharing and Internet Connection Firewall. If you do not have Internet Connection Sharing or Windows XP built-in firewall, Windows must disable 10 services. It can be disabled

TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper: NetBIOS is often used by people under Win 9X to attack, and then write this data to the log or trigger an alarm in order to prevent the remote computer from searching for data, otherwise Be sure to disable it

Performance Logs & Alerts: Performance logs and alerts collect performance data from local or remote computers based on pre-configured schedule parameters, then write the data to a log or trigger an alert. If you stop this service, performance information will not be collected. If this service is disabled, all services that explicitly depend on it will not be able to start.

RemoteRegistry: Enables remote users to modify the registry settings on this computer. If this service is terminated, only users on this computer can modify the registry. If this service is disabled, any services that depend on it will not be able to start.

In general, the above Win10 system services are rarely used, you can turn off these unnecessary services to improve the speed of the computer. However, it is important to note that you should not close services that you do not understand, so as to avoid unpredictable problems in the system.

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