How to write Win10 image to U disk U disk to make Win10 boot disk tutorial


I believe that many netizens have already installed the Win10 official version system, and some netizens still don't know how to install win10 system. Today, is not for everyone to share how to install win10 system, but to share how to write Win10 image to U disk. The advantage of this is to install win10 official version system through U disk instead of CD. Make a Win10 system disk, this is also convenient for everyone to install the system, the specific steps are as follows.

Preparation: The official version of the win10 image system has been downloaded from the computer; the image writing tool UltraISO software

1, open the UltraISO software on the computer, and then in its interface Find and click on the [Open] in the upper left or select [Open] from the menu bar, as shown below:

2, then the software will pop up the browser window, this time we need to find the previous download Good win10 system ISO image file, after found, select it, as shown below:

3, then insert the U disk into the computer, the size of the U disk depends on the number of system bits. Therefore, I recommend at least one USB flash drive with 8G capacity, as shown below:

4, when the USB flash drive is determined to have been inserted into the computer, we click on the menu [Start]---[ Write to the hard disk image], as shown below:

5, the next step is the process of preparing the ISO image for writing. At this time, we should format the USB flash drive and click [Format] below. Button, as shown below:

Note: If the U disk format is not successful, it is recommended not to click write, U is to ensure efficient disk write, but also to test format to detect whether the device is working properly.

6 After the format is successful, click the [Write] button, then the system will give a reminder window, just click [Yes], as shown below:

7, then the next write waiting time, it is recommended to close the running program in the computer, which can also reduce the delay caused by data write delay, as shown below:

8, the final will prompt the write success, the author only used less than 8 minutes to write the end, or a bit fast, in general, it takes about 10-20 minutes, as shown below: Br>

After the above process is over, we can use the U disk as the first boot and start installing the win10 system.

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