Prepare with both hands How to upgrade Win10 with ISO image file


Although Microsoft will not open the full version of the Win10 installation package on July 29th, we still need to know how to use the ISO image file to install the Win10 system. Fortunately, the Win10 image can be installed as long as it is loaded directly, and does not need to be made into a USB flash drive, so it will not be too much trouble.

First of all, we have to download the relevant image file. If you are a Win7 system, you need to install a virtual CD-ROM software to load the image. If it is Win8/8.1, you can bring a virtual CD-ROM drive and double-click the image directly. The file will be loaded automatically.

No matter what, the image after loading is like this. Then we double-click on the setup.exe to install it.

The system will first prepare, then check the computer, get updates, and so on. We don't need to do anything in the process. There is also a protocol to accept and accept it.

After this step, the saved content is determined and the official installation phase is entered. During this process, the computer will restart multiple times.

If you see this step, this means that the installation is already in progress and the length of the installation is determined by your computer. All we have to do is wait, waiting for the last reboot after booting is the Win10 we want.

In other words, if your computer is system-based, you no longer need to make a U disk boot installation tool, which is much more convenient than before. Of course, if your computer does not have a system, you still need a USB flash drive to boot.

The U disk is created by the tool such as the old peach. The specific operation can be seen in the figure below, load the image file, click to write. These are all fools, and there is no difficulty.

Finally, if your motherboard does not support UEFI booting, then you should go to the BIOS and set it to U disk boot, so that the installer can run. Ok, let's talk about how to install Win10 using ISO. I hope to help everyone

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