Win10 can not play CF how to do Win10 can not play CF solution


What should I do if Win10 can't play CF? During the National Day, Microsoft officially released a new generation of Win10 operating system, and opened the Win10 technology preview version download, because Win10 returned to the start menu, combined with the advantages of Win7 and Win8, the experience is even better, so that many friends have installed The Win10 system, but the accompanying problems are more and more, mainly because Win10 can't play online games such as Lol and CF. The following is the solution that Win10 can't play CF.

Win10 can not play CF reasons

The previous article is already introduced for everyone [Win10 can not play Lol how to do Win10 can not play League of Legends solution], from which we can see, Since Win10 is still a technical preview version, equivalent to the beta version, the official version of Win10 will not be released until 2015. Many new systems will have various compatibility problems at the beginning of the test. Through the recent experience of Xiaobian, Win10 is currently big. Most local stand-alone games support better. For most stand-alone games that need to connect to the network, most 3D online games will have flashback or even blue screen in the Win10 preview.

Therefore, Win10's poor compatibility with online games is the most fundamental reason why Win10 can't play. Because Win10 is a beta version, many game makers need to optimize the adjustments in Win10 stereotypes. In the short term, Win10 can't play games like CF and LOL.

Win10 can't play CF solution

Win10 can't play CF There is no feasible solution at present, users can only wait for game makers or for Microsoft update to solve, because Win10 official version needs to wait 2015 Years, so it is difficult to improve in the short term, users can wait for some big cattle to give a solution.

In addition, Xiaobian suggested that you try to install Win10 and Win7/Win8 dual systems, so that you can experience Win10 system early and use Win7/8 system normally. When playing games, restart your computer and enter Win7. Or play under Win8.

Double system installation tutorial: Win8 download Win10 dual system Win8.1 and Win10 dual system installation tutorial.

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