Win7 Disk Quota Management

As we all know, in most cases hacking remote systems must upload Trojans or backdoors to remote systems. Then, to guard against it, you must think of one thing: How can you cut off this hacker's back road?
In fact, the disk quota function in the NTFS file system can help users easily manage the disk space!
The following soft media make a graphic description of this function, valid for Windows 7, Vista system and even XP.
1, open & ldquo; computer & rdquo; (XP system is to open my computer), first, right click on an NTFS partition in the system, select "properties", you can open the "partition property settings window" ;, select the "quota" option, click “display quota setting", as shown below:

2, first check “ enable quota management & rdquo; and & ldquo; refuse to disk Space gives users who exceed the quota limit ", then all quota options will become optional. Then select the "disk space limit" option, then we can specify the size of the disk space used by the user in the system, such as 1KB. So if the user passes a file larger than 1KB in the partition, then the file will It was rejected by the system and could not be successfully transferred to the partition.

3. Under the same option, there is a “warning level” option under the “disk space limit” option. If the file size of the warning level is set, the user exceeds the process when using disk space. The size of the warning level, the system will prompt the user that the file exceeds the warning level in the disk quota.
4, the last user can tick the "record the event when the user exceeds the quota limit" and "record the event when the user exceeds the warning level", so if there are other users in the system exceed the warning of the partition Level and quota limits, the system will automatically record these events into the system log, which is very helpful for administrators to monitor the system partition space.
5, after completing the configuration options, click the "OK" button under the window to complete the initial configuration of the disk quota function, then users can be surprised to find that there is still a lot of space left. Partition, the available space is now running out!!
6, at this time, the user has been unable to write a file larger than the quota to this partition. And this configuration is effective for all users in the system, including users in the Administrators group.
7, but if the configuration is effective for all users in the system, it is obviously inconvenient for the user to operate the system, and the disk quota function also provides a function for dividing the space for different users. The implementation method is also very simple.
First, click the “Quota Item” button in the quota configuration window. At this time, the “Partition Quota Item” window will pop up. Click the “Quotas” option at the top left of the window, as shown below:

Then, select the "New Quota Item", as shown below,

This will pop up a window to select the user, fill in or select a user in the system. Name (such as, after determining, there will be an option to use the disk space limit for the user, and you can reasonably specify the space for the user according to the user's permissions and usage in the system. It does not affect the normal operation of the system, but also enhances the security of the system.
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