Two strokes per second to determine whether your Win7 system can be a wireless router?

Many friends have failed to test the way to turn Windows7/win7 into a wireless router. They also turned to the win7 system download station for help: Why can't my Windows7 be a wireless router? Why can't my Win7 do wireless WiFi hotspots?
First Don't worry, today's two tricks, the second speed to determine your Windows 7 love machine can not be made into a wireless AP (wireless router), in terms of professional terms, is to judge the computer inside your Windows7 operating system Whether the network card supports "wireless bearer network"——
Method 1:
In the search bar of the start menu, enter “CMD”; enter the command prompt, and then enter the “netsh wlan show drivers” command. This is the command to view the wireless network card driver information. We can see the “Supported Network Bearer” in the message. If this is displayed, “No”, it means that the wireless AP cannot be recommended.
Method 2:
Right click on “Computer"Select"Properties" Enter the system information bar, click on the device manager in the upper left corner, then select the currently used wireless network card, double click to enter the detailed information view, in “Driver” Click on the “Driver Details” button. If you support the establishment of the wireless AP function, there must be a file named “vwifibus.sys” in the driver file. If not, it means This feature is not supported.
Now, after confirming, is it possible to use this "How to turn Windows7/win7 computer into a wireless router" as long as the notebook is carried, and completely turn your Windows7 computer into a WiFi hotspot? Finally, the mobile phone and iPad tablets can be free to surf the Internet without worrying about extra traffic usage fees. Oh, very good!
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