Windows 7 plugged in USB does not automatically play the solution

When we insert a USB storage device such as USB into the host computer, the system usually pops up a dialog box asking the user to select an item to operate (by default, the system will open the folder to view the file & rdquo; as a preference, such as figure 1). Now, some Windows 7 users may have found such a situation. When you insert a brand new USB mobile storage device, after the system prompts that the device can be used normally, there is no familiar “auto play” window. What is the cause of this?
Do not think this is a problem with the USB device, or a bug in the Windows 7 system. This is actually caused by the default settings of the system. Let us first solve this problem, which is not a problem, and finally tell everyone why this is happening.
Under Windows 7 Explorer (or open a folder arbitrarily), press the Alt key (if your system is not set to force the toolbar to be displayed, you need to press this button), select the “ tool in the pop-up menu → folder options & rdquo;.
Afterwards, in the Opened "Folder Options" dialog box, switch to the "View" tab, pull the right slider (to the middle position), cancel the Windows 7 system default checkmark "hidden computer" The empty drive in the folder is OK.
After the modification is completed, click the “OK” button to save the settings and exit.
From the solution, I think some netizens know that this is not because Windows7 can't automatically play certain USB devices, but because Windows7 only recognizes some empty USB devices by default and does not run. If the user wants to ask, why does Windows 7 have to do this default setting, this is really a problem that is not a problem.

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