How to open windows defender scan Trojan virus


Under the temptation of Microsoft's free upgrade win10 policy, many win7, win8 users have upgraded the system to win10. Although the hardware requirements for the win10 system upgrade are very low, some users with tight configurations still have some problems. Due to the lack of memory of the computer
, they are unable to use third-party anti-virus software, then we have to guarantee the security of the computer
? At this point we can use Defender to help us solve the problem.

Defender's boot method

Defender is turned off by default, we can only open it by manually turning it on. So how do we open Defender anti-virus software?

1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu of the win10 system.

2, select the view mode of the control panel as "large icon", and then open the windows defender from the list to open it smoothly.

How to use Defender Antivirus

1. After opening the Defender program, we can click “Set" in the menu, then turn on “Real Time Protection”,“Advanced”Settings Wait.

2. After completing the real-time protection settings, cut the menu back to the home page. Select a scan method in the list on the right, then click the “Scan Now" button.

Because Defender is a built-in anti-virus software for win10 system, it will have a higher compatibility. It is also faster than the general anti-virus software in scanning and killing Trojans. If you upgraded the win10 system and found that the configuration is tight and there is not enough space to download the third-party anti-virus software, then you can use this method to add a layer of security to your win10 computer.

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