How to change mp3 file format win7


win7 32-bit flagship system how to batch modify MP3 format and information? Music can purify people's psychology, bring joy to people, many users like to use MP3 after work and study Music, when we download some MP3 songs online, some information may be wrong. So how do we modify this information, in order to manage our MP3 files and information, how can win7 change the mp3 file format? The following small series teaches you a method that can be completed without using third-party software!

Method First, modify the Win7 32-bit Ultimate Asset Manager

1. First open the Ghost win7 system resource manager, open the folder where MP3 music is stored, and then click "ld";▼” in the upper right corner of the window. Button, set the current folder as "Details" mode, so that the information about each MP3 music can be seen clearly;

2, then in the Explorer status bar The text can be modified by clicking the mouse, and the information including artist, genre, grading, album, etc. can be modified!

Method 2, Modify the information on the mp3 music file

1. Right click on the MP3 music and select the “Property” option to pop up the property window of the MP3 file.

2. In the dialog that opens, switch to the “Details” tab. Can check For more information about the mp3 music, just click the left mouse button on the text, activate the text box, type the correct content, click & ldquo; OK & rdquo; button to save your changes.

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