How does the Win7 system set up trusted sites?


In our daily work, we often use the browser to access the information on the Internet. When you open the webpage, the browser is in the state of reading, but the webpage is not displayed, and even a virus is displayed. You need to set up a trusted site, so how do you set it up? Let's share with you how the Win7 system sets up trusted sites.

Set trusted site method:

1. Open 360 security browser tool --- Internet option.

2, find a safe --- --- --- Click --- Trusted Sites Sites.

3, then add the trusted sites.

Win7 security settings URL filtering methods:

1, first open the 360 ​​security browser tool --- --- --- top right corner of options.

2, find the ad filtering --- --- --- interception mode settings you want to function.

3, but also can set up --- lower right corner of software to intercept pop.

These are the sites of Win7 system set up trusted method, after setting you can avoid those annoying prompts, of course, a lot of the current 360 security browser version, but the method is the same Just need everyone to find out for themselves.

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