Win7 system prompts offline can not open the web page how to do?


Normally, as long as the computer has a network, you can access the Internet. However, Win7 users report that the computer network is normal, but opening the browser prompts that the offline state cannot open the webpage. What is going on? This problem may have been encountered by many people, so how to solve it? Let's share with you the Win7 system prompts that offline solutions can not be opened.


First, click the Start menu, select Control Panel, find the Internet Options control panel interface, switch it to bar content, Content Advisor is enabled.

Second, this time will pop up Content Advisor window, click the OK button, then the credit will appear guardian create the password screen, set a password.

Third, the user can limit the content, but when the browser contains Activex page, the user will be required to enter the password, many users may have forgotten the password, but nothing, just delete it, the operation is as follows :

1. Click the Win+R key combination to open the run, type regedit and click Enter to enter the Registry Editor window.

2. Expand the following options one by one in the left menu: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-Software-microsoft-Windows-currentversion-policies-ratings, and remove the ratings subkey.

These are the Win7 system prompt solution to open the web page offline, this method is also applicable to other Widnows system, but the interface will have some differences, according to their own judgment at page tutorial on operation Yes.

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