Windows 7 startup animation will not support customization


Not only do you have to change wallpapers and themes, but also modify the Windows 7 startup animation? Microsoft has announced that they do not support it. Microsoft has clearly opened up some customizations for Windows 7 compared to Vista, but the software giant has recently thrown out some news that optimizes the prawn. Just two months ago, the Windows 7 splash screen was leaked, and everyone wanted to confirm whether it was true or not.

Now we know that it is true, but how did a startup animation released by Microsoft on the Engineering Windows 7 blog a few days ago (there is time to read, title) For "  Microsoft talks about Windows 7 splash screen". Those who like to customize Windows will be disappointed because Microsoft will not support the modification of the animation.

“ Not Windows 7 Everything we support is modified. We have already discussed and demonstrated a large number of existing personalization elements in Windows 7, such as you can try new theme packages in beta. The reason is clear, that is, we can't guarantee the security of the system when something that was arbitrarily changed at startup is loaded into memory. In the early stages of booting Windows, the system needs to be locked out to perform a very careful test, and the known state (such as firewalls and anti-virus software are not available) does not guarantee system security. Of course, even if we are sure that everyone will follow the requirements Image size, content, etc. Due to performance considerations we don't want to write all the required code into Windows to ensure that the third party does this. & rdquo;

Most people may be surprised by this decision, not only because of security and performance, but also because Microsoft does not support modifying the startup screen of Vista. To put it bluntly, some crack masters have found a way to modify the Windows 7 splash screen. How long do you think?

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