How to swap the left and right mouse buttons in Win7 system? Win7 mouse left and right button interchange operation method


Computer mouse is one of the commonly used office supplies. We are no stranger to the left mouse button. Whether it is office or online entertainment, the one we use most is the left mouse button. In general, the left mouse button is the primary key. Double-click to open, click to select, right-click to bring up properties or menus. So, how to swap the left and right mouse buttons in Win7 system?

1, click the Start menu, click on the & ldquo; Control Panel & rdquo ;;

2, select View & ldquo in the control panel; Large Icons & rdquo ;, then found below left and right to switch primary and secondary buttons & rdquo ;, after the end point, the mouse; mouse and click;

3, in the familiar mouse & ldquo; mouse button & rdquo; option under the card, check & ldquo The function of the two keys is successfully exchanged.

These are the left and right mouse buttons Win7 exchange method of operation, I hope for your help. There may be many users who are used to the default settings of the system. Of course, there are a few users with personalities who like to pursue different experiences. At this time, you can try the left and right button switch of the mouse.

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