How to troubleshoot Vista and XP dual system startup failures


The Windows Vista operating system, as a new system developed by Microsoft, is immature in some respects. Many users are not used to it and have various problems. So many users currently choose to use Windows XP and Windows Vista dual system, but the problem often encountered with dual systems is the startup menu failure, the following describes how to solve the startup menu failure, the method is as follows:

1. Load the Vista disc image using Daemon Tools.

2. Open "Run" (Start > Run) and enter cmd.

3. Enter X: (X stands for your virtual drive letter).

4. Enter cd boot

5. Enter bootsect /nt60 SYS (bootsect /nt52 SYS if you want to delete).

6. After restarting, the Windows Vista boot manager has been restored.

Because of the imperfections and instability of the Vista operating system, the probability of failure is relatively large, and compatibility problems with many software, so the system is not completely popular among users.

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