Win7 Ultimate system features three systems of


a user account, the administrator account
computer administrator account has control of the system when the user needs to set up the system, such as installing and removing programs or files when you want to access the protected system files on your computer, you need to use an administrator account, in addition, it also has control of another user's privileges, ghost win7 system must have at least one computer administrator account, with only one computer administrator account In this case, the account cannot change itself to a restricted account.
Second, the standard user account
general, in order to facilitate the user's daily use can create standard user accounts, but it is subject to certain restrictions account, you can create multiple accounts in such a system, you can also change its account type, the account can access the program has been installed on your computer, you can set up your own account picture, passwords, etc., it does not have permission to change the settings of most computers.
Third, the guest account
Guest account is generally provided to the person who has no user account on the computer, just a temporary account, mainly used for remote login online users access to the computer system, etc., the permissions of the guest account The lowest, no password, it can not make any modifications to the system.
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