Win7 boot press F11 start to system restore error

        Sometimes, when we boot Win7 system, we will see the error message "press F11 start to system restore". How can I eliminate this prompt and let the boot operation return to normal? Many Ghost version programs, in order to give priority to boot, often force the adjustment of the hard disk MBR during installation, so that when booting the Windows system, the relevant boot menu information will pop up, but if such a program exists BUG or with Win7 system Incompatible with each other, it is easy to cause the Win7 system to not start up properly. In order to solve the above problems, you can use the repair tool built in the Win7 system installation CD - Bootrec.exe to repair the hard disk master boot record. In the specific repair, you can start the computer with the Win 7 system installation CD. After the CD boot system is finished, use the shift+F10 shortcut to switch to the command prompt and execute the "bootrec /fixmbr" command (as shown in the figure). Show),
Follow the wizard prompts to complete the rewrite operation of the hard disk master boot record.
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