Quick uninstalling win7 in dual system has a coup

        I often hear friends complain that when I uninstalled the Win7 system in the dual system, I encountered difficulties. Either the Windows 7 partition could not be formatted, or the dual system startup items did not know how to deal with it. Fortunately, I encountered a small series and taught today. how do you quickly and easily uninstall Win7 under the dual system, in fact, this is the tricky dual system of different unload need to use a different method, specifically as follows:.

dual system uninstall Windows7 skills of the "Vista uninstall the system Windows7 "

If you install Vista and Windows7 dual system, and want to uninstall Windows7 on the front xp and similar ideas, still it is to deal with dual-boot menu, and then delete Windows7.

First, start the Vista system, run msconfig in the search bar in the Start menu, open the System Configuration Utility, and open the Startup tab, and then will see the installation of two native operating system options, in fact, Select the Windows 7 you want to delete and click the Delete button to remove the Windows 7 startup items.

Finally, restart the computer, dual-boot menu has been removed, then enter the Vista system, the installation of Windows7 hard disk partition formatted to complete the removal of Windows7.

dual system uninstall Windows7 Skills "uninstall Windows7 under XP"

if you installed xp and Windows7 dual system, and want to completely uninstall Windows7, you need to handle dual boot system The menu, after removing the boot manager used by the dual system share, can format the partition where Windows 7 is located. As follows:

First, the system starts to xp, Windows7 installation disc into the CD-ROM drive in the computer (if downloaded ISO image file, the virtual drive may be read by the optical disk and load Deamontools Windows7 to the virtual image . CD-ROM drive

Secondly, click "start menu /run" command line window pops up enter K in the command window:. bootbootsect.exe /nt52all /force, then hit the enter key to run, need to pay attention that, in this case K is Windows7 installation CD into the drive letter, readers need to put their own Windows7 CD-ROM drive letter, the letter K instead of their own.

again, pop the installation CD Windows7 Next, restart the computer, we can find the dual system boot menu Windows7 system startup items and earlyversionWindows options disappeared, directly into the xp system, which indicates that the dual system boot boot menu has been deleted. Finally, after the restart xp In the system, you can now manually delete Windows 7 files and folders, such as program files, users and Windows folders. If not There are other important documents, direct format the partition where Windows7 most convenient. Just under XP will have to clean uninstall Windows7. Follow the above two strokes nirvana, you can under xp or vista in

Completely uninstall Windows7, so that it is not a problem to install and uninstall the new version at any time. In addition, similar to the method of killing one, it is also effective to uninstall Vista under xp. Finally, no matter which dual system, you can use the right method. Uninstall Windows 7 and clean it up.
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