Windows7 can open AHCI method

Win7 without reinstalling. How to open AHCI function without reinstalling the system? I encountered a problem of asking for help, so I thought that I also encountered when I started AHCI after installing Windows7. . under such a problem, the solution now share with you

problem description: on PC MAC Snow leopard test equipment before

, because the Mac hard disk needs to ACHI interface settings in BiOS Change the IDE to ACHI, and the result is to return to Win7. The discovery of the tragedy can't be entered. Only when you change back to the IDE, it will be troublesome to toss. Fortunately, I found a way to change ACHI directly without reinstalling the system.


open after modifying the registry AHCI mode

1. Click the "Start" button, type "regedit" in the search box and press Enter Key to open the Registry Editor window. Although Windows 7 does not display the "Run" command by default in the "Start" menu, it can actually be replaced with a search box (or directly by pressing the Windows key + R key).

2. In the "Registry Editor" window title bar positioned to the left HKEY_LOCAL_MacHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesmsahci branch, and then in the right window, double-click "Start".

3. In the "Edit DWord Value" box, the value of the "data value" box number from 3 to 0, and click "OK" button.

4. Close the "Registry Editor" window and restart the computer.

5. enter the BIOS setup interface when you restart the computer, change the hard disk to AHCI mode. For example, for the author's computer, press the F1 key to enter the BIOS when starting the computer, select Devices→ATADrivesSetup→ConfigureSATAas→AHCI, and finally press F10 to save and exit BiOS. After

modify the registry as described above and open the hard disk AHCI mode without having to reinstall the system can properly started. Although the startup speed of the computer will not change, when you copy a large number of files, you can see that there is a certain acceleration effect.


Of course, everyone in the specific operation but also a place to note a few. Shortcuts and BiOS position in terms of regulation AHCI different

into the motherboard BIOS is different, you can read the manual that came with the motherboard to confirm.

Under normal circumstances, BiOS is enabled by default in the IDE hard disk mode, and AHCI is the acronym AdvancedHostControllerInterface, meaning advanced host controller interface, it is a technology dominated by Intel, may in certain To improve the speed of SATA hard drives, it is recommended to open. After

in WindowsVistaSP1 and later versions of the system, change the hard disk to AHCI mode in BiOS, the system will automatically install the driver. But if you are using the operating system before VistASP1, you need to manually load the AHCI driver through the Windows installation CD when you start the computer. If there is no installation CD for Windows system, please change back to IDE mode, download and install AHCI driver after starting the computer, then enter BiOS to change the hard disk to AHCI mode.
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