Clear the LOGO of the Win 7 system login interface

        I don't know if you noticed it. When we start the Win7 system, the logo information of the currently used system version will appear at the bottom of the login interface. Although this does not affect the normal use of the Win7 system, it is for the pursuit of perfect friends. Said, it is better to remove the Win7 logo information. You still don't say that the system home Xiaobian has done some research and really got this problem. Below, let's share with you the specific method of solving the problem.

first step: modify system files

first open the "C: /Windows /BrandingBasebrd /zh-CN" directory (C drive for the system tray download Win7 system is located, the same below), Copy the file "basebrd.dll.mui" in this directory to the desktop for backup; then download the green Chinese version of "ResHacker" from "" and extract the running system file from the desktop. "basebrd.dll.mui" is dragged to the main interface of ResHacker, you can see the various resources contained in the system file; then under the "Bitmap" branch, expand the "120→2052" branch and right click Then, select “Replace Resource” and replace the Win7 image logo information in the right display area with a transparent picture of “350×50” pixels (which can also be a pure white picture) prepared in advance.

After completion of the operation, and then expand the "bit map" below "1120 → 2052" and "2120 → 2052" branch, the right side of the display area is replaced with the default Win7 Logo image the same size as the transparent image Finally, click the menu "File → Save" button to save the changes made to the system file basebrd.dll.mui.

Step two: Replace system files
downloaded from Registry File "administrator take ownership .REG" and Import into the registry, then right click on "basebrd.dll.mui" in the "C:WindowsBrandingBasebrdzh-CN" directory, select "Administrator Takes Ownership" to get the administrator rights to process the file; then the desktop Replace "basebrd.dll.mui" with the file with the same name in the "C:WindowsBrandingBasebrdzh-CN" directory.

As a result, when we restart the system, we will find the Win7 login screen, the annoying system version Logo information has disappeared. Interested friends may wish to give it a try.
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