How to disable the Modern Lock Screen for Windows 8 and Win 8.1?

First step, use the shortcut key (Win+R), start the "Run" window, and then enter gpedit.msc to open the local Group Policy Editor window;

Figure 2 Start the local Group Policy Editor
Second step, navigate to the following path: computer configuration /management template /control panel /personalization, select the right side of the "do not display lock screen" option;

Figure 3 select "ld"; Display lock screen & rdquo; function
third step, double-click "do not show lock screen" option, select the "already enabled" option in the pop-up dialog box, and then click OK.

Figure 4 Select “Started”Options
Step 4, after locking the computer with the shortcut key Win+L, you will find that the default lock screen wallpaper function used by default has been disabled, the system By default, it will directly enter the login interface.

Figure 6 Direct access to the login interface window
Of course, if you need to adjust the Modern lock screen wallpaper again, you can change it to “ldquo; disabled” by the above steps.

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