The system "Add /Remove Programs" can not be used normally. How to do

[Fault phenomenon] When using the "Add/Remove Programs" button in the "Control Panel" to uninstall the software, "Add/Remove Programs" window It will automatically close when it is turned on.
[Troubleshooting] This phenomenon is mainly caused by the loss of data related to the installer in the registry. The repair can be done by the following method.
Step 1, click on the menu "Start" & rdquo; One & ldquo; Run & rdquo;, Open & ldquo; Run & rdquo; window. Enter “cmd” as shown in Figure 1. Click the “OK" button to open the “command prompt” window.

Step 2, enter the command “regsvr32 mshtml.dll” command, then press Enter.
Step 3, enter the “regsvr32 shdocvw.dll -i” command and press Enter.
Step 4, enter the ttrcgsvr32 shdocvw.dll -i” command, then press Enter, as shown in Figure 2.

Step 5, close the “command prompt” window, “Add/Remove Programs> components can be reused.

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