Computer speed-up filtering Win8 self-starting system service

First, we need to enter the system service management interface: open the [Win+X] menu and click “Computer Management”; or open the file explorer and right click “& computer” Then select “Manage”.

Enter the computer management window
Then expand the "Services and Applications" in the left navigation window and click "Services" to see all the Windows background services.

Expanding the service list
Change method of the service: Double-click the service name, find the startup type in the open window, and set the drop-down option to “Manual” (as shown below). Why not change it to disable? Because these services are not needed anymore, they don't have to be started with the system every time. Changing to manual does not affect the normal startup when it needs to be used.

Change to Manual Startup
The following are services that can be safely changed to manually started (sorted by name):
·Application Experience (Programmatically handles application compatibility cache requests at startup)< Br>·Computer Browser (maintains an updated list of computers on the network, can be changed to manual without networking)
·Diagnostic Policy Service
·Distributed Link Tracking Client Link between NTFS files)
·IP Helper (using IPv6 conversion technology)
·Offline Files (offline file service)
·Program Compatibility Assistant Service (for application compatibility assistant) Provide support)
·Portable Device Enumerator Service
·Print Spooler (can be turned off without a printer)
·Remote Registry Settings, this service should remain disabled)
·Secondary Logon (Enable the startup process under different credentials, change to manual, disable will lead to Warcraft Games such as the world cannot be logged in.)
·Security Center (monitor and report security and health settings on the computer)
·Server (supports computers to share via the network, if it is in a stand-alone state, it can be changed to manual) Br>·TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper (provides NetBIOS name resolution support, if your computer is not connected to the workgroup network, you can change to manual)
·Windows Error Reporting Service (Report an error and provide an existing solution) Solution)
·Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) (providing image capture services for scanners and cameras)
·Windows Search (providing content index, if you don't use Windows to bring your own search, you can change manually )
·Windows Time (Maintenance Time and Date Synchronization)
Finally, if you find that the system or other software is not working properly after changing the above services, you can restore the original settings.
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