Win8 system prompts to lose msvcr71.dll how to do?


The computer is more prone to problems after a long time. The computer used two days ago and suddenly jumped out of a prompt dialog box saying that it lost the msvcr71.dll, and had to reinstall the program, and did not understand what it was. They have all been screwed up. What should I do if I encounter such a problem? The following teaches you Win8 system prompts the loss of msvcr71.dll solution.

Turn on your computer C-Wndows-Sstem32, to see if there is anything msvcr71.dll, if you lose, go download.

The details are as follows:

1. Under normal circumstances, you only need to put it in the following directory. "The system can't find msvcr71.dll" or "no msvcr71.dll" ” can be solved:



C:/Windows (This file exists in Wn7 system In the directory: C:\\Windows\\SysWOW64/)

2, msvcr71.dll may be lost or damaged in the case of Trojan or virus attack, resulting in the application can not load properly and the system can not run normally .

Repair method:

1. Download the virus to scan the computer for a full scan, and remove the existing Trojan horse program.

2, download the cattle anti-virus system file repair tool, click "Start repair" after the download is complete.

3, the program will intelligently detect lost and damaged system files, intelligently match the version of the DLL file that matches the operating system. Other DLL files on your computer are damaged or lost, and you can use this software to fix them.

The above is the solution for losing msvcr71.dll in Win8.1 system. Of course, in addition to the above method, we can also use the manual service inside 360 ​​security guard to solve this problem.

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