How to use Win10 system to scan files with printer


Everyone knows that some paper files are backed up to the computer and scanned by the printer to be saved on the computer. In addition to using the scanner's own scanning capabilities, we can also use the system to control the printer for scanning, which is something that people who use printers often need. Let's share with you how the Win8 system uses a printer to scan files.

Specific method:

1. Open the scanner switch, right click on the Win logo in the lower left corner of the computer screen, and click [Control Panel] under the pop-up menu.

2, under [Control Panel] screen, click [Devices and Printers] to select options.

3, right-scanner and a printer icon in the [device] list in the pop-up menu, click [] to start scanning.

4, click in click [Start scan] pop-up interface [scanning] option. Click next

5, click [Scan] in after the completion of scanning dialog box Next.

6, click to select at the click [next] [Import] pop-up interface options.

7, the click [Import], i.e., during scanning the printer.

The above is a detailed tutorial Win8 systems using the printer scans the file before scanning printer, make sure the computer is connected to the printer.

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