What if the Win8 system does not recognize the Apple phone?


Apple's mobile phones are highly praised by the fluency of the system and high-powered, and are popular among Chinese people. More and more people buy Apple phones. Sometimes we use an Apple phone to connect to a computer to transfer data, data, etc., but find that the computer does not recognize the problem of the Apple phone, what should I do? The following Xiaobian and everyone share the Win8 system can not identify the solution of Apple's mobile phone.

The method is as follows:

1. First, please check if the system Device Install Service is disabled by 360< optimization. If it is disabled, please re-open the service to solve the problem. ;

2, or the start menu, choose & ldquo; computer & rdquo; - right - & ldquo; property & rdquo ;;

3, enter & ldquo; device manager & rdquo ; Find the entry for “ Apple iPhone” and select Update Driver from the shortcut menu;

4. Click on “Browse your computer to find the driver” and click “Install from Disk”;

5. Click on “Browse” in the dialog box to find the directory of the driver corresponding to win8: C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Apple\\Mobile Device Support\\Drivers;

6 Select the usbaapl.inf file, click OK, wait for the installation to complete, and reconnect to iTunes.

The above content is the solution that Win8 system can't identify Apple mobile phone. If you have any problems with this kind of problem, you can try the above method to solve it!

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