Win8.1 did not receive the Win10 system upgrade push how to do?


Presumably, many people have upgraded the Win10 system and are already using it. However, some users of Win8.1 said that the system did not receive the upgrade push of Win10 system, and they will not upgrade other methods. How can we upgrade to Win10 system? The following Xiaobian and everyone share Win8.1 did not receive the Win10 system upgrade push solution.


1. First, we must first confirm whether our computer is installed: KB 3035583 update.

Click My Computer - into the C drive - into the Windows Found - find System32 enter - find cmd as shown below:.

2, then right-click cmd , right click: Run as administrator.

3, and jump out of the FIG., in the following graphic input: dism /online /Get-Packages /Format: Table | Findstr 3035583, press Enter to execute. As shown below:

4, if KB 3035583 is installed, appears: Installed words, no display is not installed. As shown below:

5, if your show is not installed, click Start - Settings - Update and security --Windows Update - check for updates, the update installation is complete, Restart your computer. As shown below:

6, repeat the steps 1 and 2, as an administrator to open cmd, and then enter:% windir% \\ system32 \\ GWX \\ GWXConfigManager.exe /RefreshConfig & Ping "nul&%windir%\\system32\\GWX\\GWX.exe" and press Enter to execute.

7, more than you've started & ldquo; get Win10 & rdquo; notification procedures, then over time you will receive the upgrade push Win10.

The above is not received Win8.1 solution Win10 system upgrade push the pro-test method effective, if not received Win10 upgrade, try this tutorial to set it!

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