Win8 system upgrade Win8.1 black screen and can not enter the system how to do?


Many people like to use the Win8.1 system, and then upgrade from Win8 system to Win8.1, but after the upgrade, there is a black screen, and can not enter the system, this is awkward, I want to change into a favorite system, now made such. So what should I do if I encounter such a problem? The following Xiaobian and everyone share the Win8 system upgrade Win8.1 black screen and can not enter the system solution.

Method /Step:

1. Has been upgraded to Win8.1 and a black screen is displayed, enter the safe mode to uninstall the graphics driver, then reinstall the correct driver, press and hold the "power button&rdquo ; keep it for about 5 seconds, shut down the system, press “ power button & rdquo; turn the computer on.

Repeat the above steps several times, the recovery screen appears, select “Advanced Recovery Options ——Troubleshooting”.

The Win8.1 system machine will automatically enter the system selection list. We will select “Delete” in the three options of Continuing, Troubleshooting, and Turning Off the Computer. After entering the troubleshooting selection interface, select “Advanced Options”.

2, the advanced options, we can see a system restore, system restore printing, auto repair, the command prompt, boot settings and other options, here we choose & ldquo; & rdquo ;. startup settings

3, enter the Win8.1 system "Startup settings", we can see the specific description, which includes "Enable security mode". Click the Produce “Restart” button. Select “Enable Safe Mode> or “Enable Safe Mode with Network Connection”.

4, then reboot into safe mode, right click & ldquo; Start Menu & rdquo; select & ldquo; & rdquo ;. Device Manager

5, uninstall Intel and AMD in the Device Manager graphics card driver.

6, follow the diagram below, after completing the above uninstallation steps, log in to the notebook brand official website to update the Win8.1 graphics driver for your model.

These are the Win8 system upgrade Win8.1 a black screen appears and can not enter the system solution, the method is very simple, just follow the above method of operation can solve the problem.

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