What should I do if the Win8 system fails to upgrade Win8.1?


Windows systems have updated features, as long as Microsoft has a release version of the update, they will receive an update prompt. There are users who use Win8, Win8 system wants to upgrade Win8.1, but the upgrade failed, what should I do? The following Xiaobian and everyone share the Win8 system upgrade Win8.1 failed solution, a friend in need to take a look. The reason

may be caused by:

1, anti-virus software. (Recommended to close or uninstall first)

2. Drivers with problems.

3. Some use external devices that are not compatible with Win8.1.


1. First, please confirm whether your model supports upgrading to Win8.1.

2. It is recommended that you temporarily remove all non-preinstalled external devices, such as mouse, keyboard, printer, camera, etc.

3. It is recommended that you back up important personal files and use the one-click recovery function to restore the computer to the factory state.

4, uninstall software and drivers that may affect the update, such as anti-virus software, power management, graphics driver and so on.

5, install all Windows update update patches, and then try to update Win8.1 in the app store.

The above is the Win8 system upgrade Win8.1 failure solution, the method is very simple, we only need to detect whether the system meets the upgrade Win8.1, then close the uninstall driver and its patch, and finally we use the application store Upgrade it.

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