Win8.1 system login vpn 720 error processing method


After upgrading from Win8 system to Win8.1 system, many users find that there is error code 720 when logging in to VPN. You can see all kinds of unknown methods on the Internet. Here I introduce a simpler one. A method that can be mastered.

1, first look for the problem first, open the device manager, open & ldquo; network adapter & rdquo ;, found wan miniport (ip /ipv6 /Network Monitor) appeared yellow exclamation mark , indicating that the device is not operating properly, because this is the reason for the VPN connection error.

2, under normal circumstances we can add or uninstalled by deleting the method again, but this time the test can not be uninstalled, it can not automatically update the driver, then the driver will find it: Right-wan miniport (ip ) - Update driver software - Browse the computer to find the driver;
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