Computer China: How to prohibit the background of the win10 system win10 prohibits the background operation setting method

win10 system users Many people complain that the background process takes up resources, how does the win10 system prohibit the background program running? This article will teach you how to set up windows10 to prohibit background running.

How does the win10 system prohibit the background win10 prohibits the background running setting method

Some friends may not understand what the background application means. Simply put, it is "behind the scenes"; quietly running the program.

background application has two main characteristics:
First, since it is the background, that is, the surface not see any movement. Without a window, there is usually no hint, as if it doesn't exist at all.
Second, since it is a background application, that is, it is still running. Since it is running, it will consume system resources. Sometimes, when you feel that the system is particularly slow and special cards for no reason, it is often the background application.

the lower left corner to close background applications of the method
click on the screen Win logo, the pop-up menu, click on the & ldquo; & rdquo ;. set

Click & ldquo in the Settings window; privacy & rdquo ;.

Click & ldquo in privacy in; background application & rdquo ;.

open in the background application entry is closed, so that we can prohibit them from running quietly in the background.

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