Win8 Encyclopedia 73: How to set up Win8 network connection


Author: Mayon

In the current popularity of the Internet, if a computer can not access is difficult to imagine, for Win8 system as well. However, Win8 has a little different in network management than before. In this issue of "Win8 Encyclopedia", we will introduce Win8's network settings.

First of all, Win8's "Network and Sharing Center" has made some adjustments on the interface, but Win7 users should be able to adapt quickly. In the “View Network Activity" section, we can view the current network status.

Network Settings Interface

The "<;Ethernet" is the previous "local connection", there is no real change but just changed the name. Click “Ethernet” We can view the network status like Win7. The pop-up window is the same as Win7, including the general options such as “Details” and “Attributes”.

<;Ethernet& rdquo; is "local connection"

If the user wants to see the list of networks, they can go through the "Change Adapter Settings" on the left. Click on the network icon to see that the button "Disable" and "Diagnose" will appear on the toolbar. It works the same as before.

The creation of a new network is the most important part. For ordinary users, it is usually a new broadband connection. Click “Change Network Settings“ under "Set up a new connection or network" to enter the creation process.

Creating a Broadband Connection

Select “Connect to the Internet> in the selection interface, go to the next step and select “Set New Connection”, then select “Broadband (PPPoE)(R) ”, then fill in the account and password provided by the broadband service provider.

Fill in the ISP information

If there is a situation in the network that can't be accessed during the process, we can click ““Ethernet” and then use “diagnose” to fix it. If you're unable to resolve the issue, you can get help by “Change Network Settings" Troubleshooting Problems”.

Problem Diagnosis

The above is the whole content of this issue of "Win8 Encyclopedia". With the simple setting method and diagnostic tool of the network, I am no longer afraid to get on the Internet.

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