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Microsoft Windows 8 will launch ceremony of the China into place, showing that Microsoft's emphasis on the Chinese market, of course, this also includes emphasis on all sides parties, and even build for Microsoft in China A unique sales model —— cancels the physical sale of the Windows 8 package, only available as a download copy.
In China, you won't see the physical packaging of Windows 8.

According to PCWorld, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8's physical software packages will not be sold in China. After discussions with many customers, Microsoft Decided to cancel the distribution model of Windows in China, cancel the physical sale of Windows software packages. This means that we will not see the sale of genuine CDs in Windows 8 in China. If you need to buy Windows 8, the only way is to purchase a copy of Windows 8 and get the corresponding key to get genuine Windows 8.

In fact, Microsoft designed a variety of packaging for Windows 8, the general version and the professional version of Windows 8 packaging two categories each have five. In Japan, Windows 8 also has a specially designed Mengniang packaging. This time Microsoft listed China as the starting area for Windows 8. It was thought that there might be packaging specially designed for China, but unfortunately this has become a bubble.
Windows 8 Japanese packaging: Meng Niang & ldquo; window love & rdquo;

Some people think that Microsoft's move may be to slow down the Windows 8 pirated disc in China. According to the Business Software Alliance, sales of genuine software accounted for only $3 billion in revenue in China in 2011, while sales of pirated software tripled. In order to prevent piracy, Windows 8 has also adopted a new activation measure —— OA3.0, strictly control volume authorization, Windows 8 keys that can be used for multiple machines are only available to enterprise users and some developers of MSDN.

In fact, the Win8 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition is now available for free download. Currently, the official free trial Win8 system version provided by Microsoft is the 90-day trial Win8 Enterprise Edition, which is divided into 32-bit and 64-bit. Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English and other languages. The PConline download center also provides users with the official official Win8 download distribution address for the first time. You can download the corresponding version according to your needs.

Software Name: Win8 (Windows8) Enterprise Edition Software Version: Simplified Chinese Official Free Version Software Size: 2343.75MB Software License: Free Applicable Platform: Win9X Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Vista Win7 Download: http://down.

In addition, we also provide this Windows 8 official free version of the installation tutorial, click here to view, I wish you all enjoy the fun of Windows 8. Let's go.

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