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I believe everyone knows that Windows 2003 is the operating system used by the server. In the process of using by individual users, because the system has default settings for the hardware, individual users are I often have problems when I use them. I will follow the small series today to learn how to deal with these common problems.

IE often prompts security risks

Reason: Using IE to browse the web At the time, the system will prompt that there are security risks, which is really inconvenient.

Solution: The reason for this problem is that the default security level of IE in Windows 2003 is "high", so although the security is improved, it brings a lot of trouble to our daily Internet. It is recommended to adjust the security level to "in" in the following way: Start IE, select “Tools →Internet Options", set the security level to “> in the "Security" tab.

Rough picture when playing movies

Cause: The computer configuration is normal. When Windows 2003 is installed, the graphics card can be automatically recognized and installed, but the picture is very rough when playing movies. The picture quality is still the same after the graphics card driver. In fact, this is because the default display options of Windows 2003 are not optimized according to the needs of individual users.

Solution: Right click on the desktop, then go to “display properties →set →senior →troubleshoot”,<;hardware acceleration” cursor to the right to “complete&rdquo ;, point & ldquo; OK & rdquo; quit. Then go to “ start → all programs → attachments & rarr; system tools & rarr; system information & rdquo;, select & ldquo; tools & rarr; directx diagnostic tools & rdquo; (due to the program to collect system information, so need to wait a little, may appear Splash screen), select the “Show” tab, turn on the “DirectDraw Acceleration” and “Direct 3D Acceleration” item, click "Sign out”

Large software anti-running should be slow

Problem Cause: The requirements for system resources are different for servers and workstations. If we want to run software such as Photoshop 3DSMAX, we should allocate system resources. Reassign, modified to a state similar to windows xp.

Solution: The setting steps are: Go to the “Control Panel → System” tab, select the “Advanced” tab, and click the “Settings” button in the “Performance” column to select &ldquo ; Advanced & rdquo; tab, in the "Processor Plan" and "Memory Usage" column, select "ldquo; program", and finally "set" & rdquo; and restart the computer.

Problems with sound card

In Windows 2003, most sound cards can continue to use their drivers in Windows 2000/XP, while older sound cards (such as the DSM S90) The driver is only installed manually. After installing the sound card, users often encounter the following two problems.

The cause of the problem: the sound card does not work: After the driver installation is completed, the sound card can be used normally in the Windows 2003 Standard Edition, and in the enterprise version, the system still cannot sound.

Steps to resolve: Go to “Control Panel & Rarr; Sound and Audio Control Device> Check the “Audio Service” option and click “OK” to restart the computer.

Reason for the problem: The sound is seriously lagging when playing the game: When playing the game, the sound is seriously lagging and unbearable.

Solution: Go to the “Directx Diagnostic Tool” and select the “Sounds” tab. In the “Acceleration Level”, drag the cursor to the right to “Full Acceleration”. “Sign out”

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