ReactOS targets Windows 2003 and Vista


The goal of ReactOS is to develop an open source operating system that is compatible with applications and drivers on Windows and that is licensed under the GPL 2.O license. It has been more than a decade old, but there is no formal result. Many people are also confused about ReactOS compatible versions of Windows, Windows 2000 or Windows XP?

Now the ReactOS development team has released a formal statement for people to understand —— ReactOS will target Windows 2003 and Vista. The kernel target of ReactOS is the NT kernel of Windows Server 2003, which is NT 5.2. It is not very changed. On the other hand, the Win32 subsystem target will change at any time according to the release of the new Windows version, so when Windows 7, the target will be transferred to the above. Now the goal is much clearer, but when will it release a stable version? Its number of developers is orders of magnitude smaller than that of Microsoft. Can it only be followed by Microsoft to release a test beta that is not even beta?

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