Clever release of memory resources in Win 2003


I often see friends complaining about the need to free up memory in the forum. In fact, if you have Windows 2003 installed, you don't need to seek third-party memory management software that needs to be registered for long-term use. Because Windows 2003 comes with a small program called Empty.exe, it can be used to release some resources that some applications can't release in time when they use a lot of memory. Unlike those third-party software memory management software, , Empty.exe will not force the system to release all resources, but only release the necessary resources, so that it will not burden the hard disk.

The use of Empty.exe is quite simple, the command format is as follows:

Empty.exe pid (pid refers to the product id of the process) or Empty.exe task-name (task-name refers to the process The name)

Finally, it should be noted that Empty.exe can only be used in Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000/XP is not used.

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