Retrieving the lost flash memory in Win2003


Recently, the school computer teacher upgraded the operating system of the computer room server from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003. After a few days, I suddenly found that my flash memory could not be used, so please help me. He solved it.

This is a Patriot Mini King 64MB flash memory. I inserted the flash memory into the server's USB port and found that the indicator light on the flash memory started to flash. At the same time, Windows prompts to find new hardware, and then appears in the taskbar. Safely remove the hardware & rdquo; icon, it seems that Windows 2003 has identified this "mini king", but when you open "my computer", the problem appears, the computer still only the original Drive letter, no new drive letter added, flash can not be used!

The author first suspected that there was a problem with the flash memory, so the flash memory was plugged into another computer and found to be identifiable and usable. So is there a problem with this server? I plugged in my U disk, and this time Windows 2003 quickly recognized and appeared a new drive letter. Then put the same USB interface into the "mini king", the new drive letter disappeared.

Is it “mini-king” that is not compatible with Windows 2003? So I inserted the two flash simultaneously on a single computer installed Windows XP, suddenly found two different types of recognition in Windows (Figure 1):

Figure 1 & ldquo; Mini King & rdquo; And the author's U disk is different in the recognition type in Windows XP

My U disk is recognized as "removable disk", and the floppy drive is in the "removable storage device" In the column. And "mini king" is recognized as "local disk", in the "hard disk" column and C, D and other hard disk partitions, it seems that Windows is "mini-ring" recognized as a hard disk It is. The author thinks that in order to increase the security of the server, Windows 2003 has made some restrictions on the drive letter allocation of the plug-and-play hard disk device. It seems that this is the reason why the "mini king" cannot be used.

The problem is solved, it is relatively easy to solve: since Windows 2003 has identified "mini-prince", but there is no drive letter assigned, then as long as we manually assign it a drive letter. . Insert "Mini King", right click "My Computer", select "Manage", go to "Computer Management", click "Storage & Rarr; Disk Management", you can see the computer now two disks, where 0 is the hard disk, and the disk 1 is a mini Wang (FIG. 2),

FIG. 2 is here mini King & ldquo; disk 1 & rdquo;

in "Right-click on disk 1" and select "Change drive letter and path → Add", select a drive letter, click “OK” Exit. Then open “ my computer & rdquo;, you can find that the flash drive letter has appeared, "mini king", finally can be used under Windows 2003.

A lot of flash memory currently on the market, including some mobile hard drives, will be recognized under Windows 2003, but it is not possible to automatically assign a drive letter. If your USB mobile storage device is also experiencing this situation, then the article's approach can help you solve the problem.

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